Speak The Speech

Welcome to Speak The Speech; our podcast celebrating some of Shakespeare’s greatest speeches with actors, directors and thinkers.

In each episode Associate Director James Evans is joined by a guest to dissect some of the most powerful language Shakespeare ever wrote and investigate how these beautiful words and ideas are brought to life on stage more than 400 years later.

New episodes released fortnightly on Tuesdays. Settle in for a good conversation and new perspectives on Shakespeare.

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About our host

James Evans
Associate Director at Bell Shakespeare.

James Evans is Associate Director at Bell Shakespeare. He is a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Acting (Acting) and holds a Masters of Arts (English) from the University of Sydney. He most recently directed Bell Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing which toured nationally in 2019 and appeared as Horatio in Bell Shakespeare’s 2020 production of Hamlet. As a facilitator, James has conducted hundreds of Shakespeare masterclasses in schools, universities, theatres and juvenile detention centres across Australia, Asia and the US.