Legacy Giving

If Bell Shakespeare has been an important part of your life, or you love the work we do, leaving a gift in your will can be part of your legacy too.

Now in my 80s, I wish I could be more certain that, as I nod off, I will feel on the back of my neck the hot breath of likeminded successors. They will be intent on the same enjoyment and satisfaction that I have experienced.

The Late Anthony Gilbert AO

Thanks to the foresight and generosity of the late Anthony Gilbert AO, Bell Shakespeare has become the accomplished Company that it is today.

And his legacy still lives on.

By leaving a bequest for Bell Shakespeare in your will, you make an enduring and deeply personal gift that helps ensure future generations are introduced to, and inspired by, the work we do. By notifying us of your bequest, we will automatically include you as a member of our Legacy Circle.

We understand that the decision to include a gift in your will is a profoundly personal one. If you are considering leaving a legacy gift to Bell Shakespeare, please contact Debra Reinecke, Head of Marketing and Development, or call 02 8220 7521 for a confidential conversation.

More about the Legacy CircleMore about the Legacy Circle

We are deeply grateful to those visionary people who have remembered Bell Shakespeare in their will because they believe, as we do, that audiences across Australia deserve to see themselves reflected in these great plays.

Peter Evans, Artistic Director


There are several ways you can remember Bell Shakespeare in your will. The most common are:

  • Residuary: The remainder of your estate once your family and friends have been provided for and any taxes and charges are settled.
  • Percentage or fractional: A specified percentage of your estate.
  • Specific or pecuniary: This may be a specified sum of money, item of property, or stocks and shares.

If you would like to leave a share or the residue of your estate to Bell Shakespeare, you may find the following wording helpful. This is not, however, offered as legal advice, which should always be obtained from your own lawyer.

I give and bequeath [ the sum of $_____ / % of estate / the residue of my estate] to the public fund of the Bell Shakespeare Company Limited to be used for the principal purposes of the Company. The receipt of an authorised officer of the Company for the time being will be a full discharge to my trustees for the legacy and my trustees shall not be obliged to see to its application.