Legacy Circle

Formed to honour those who have included a gift to Bell Shakespeare in their will.

It is through such powerful and moving statements as legacy gifts that Bell Shakespeare is able to confidently plan for a secure future.

Notifying us in writing of a gift in your will enables us to thank you appropriately by recognising you as a member of our Legacy Circle. You will be invited to behind-the-scenes events and welcomed as part of the Bell Shakespeare family.

With your permission, we will ensure your generous and forward-thinking support is acknowledged on our website and in printed publications.

If you are considering leaving a legacy gift to Bell Shakespeare, please contact Debra Reinecke, Head of Marketing and Development, or call 02 8220 7521 for a confidential conversation.

When I was a child, I didn’t realise how fortunate I was that my parents took me to the theatre. I recognised as an adult that not everyone gets that opportunity, especially regional and isolated communities. It felt particularly important to plan a bequest so that more folk can experience theatre by losing themselves in its magic.

Jane Kunstler, Legacy Circle Member

It is the broad societal impact of Bell Shakespeare’s ongoing work that reaffirms our commitment to leave something behind, content that our own legacy will continue to support such wonderful work.

Anonymous, Legacy Circle Member