Sharing Shakespeare

Financial support for schools that need it most

John Bell founded Bell Shakespeare with the mission of making Shakespeare’s plays accessible to all Australians, regardless of age, income or geographic location.

Sharing Shakespeare provides subsidies to schools challenged by financial, socioeconomic and geographic barriers, for a range of our in-school programs. Schools with an ICSEA (Index of Socio-Educational Advantage) value of 1000 or less will be prioritised over schools with an ICSEA value of 1001+.

If you would like to be considered for a subsidy in 2024, complete this form and let us know what program you’re interested in. Successful applicants will be granted subsidies of 25% – 100% towards performances, workshops and other programs. If you are part of a network of schools, apply together and enhance your subsidy value.

With thanks to our generous donors who make Sharing Shakespeare possible.

Please note: Completing the Sharing Shakespeare application form does not guarantee subsidy. Bell Shakespeare staff will get in touch to confirm if your school is successful. Subsidies allocated until exhausted.

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This would have to be one of the most powerful and outstanding extracurricular programs I have seen. Thanks again for an outstanding opportunity. You have really made a difference to the lives of students within our school.

Ben Kirkman, Principal, Heckenberg Public School NSW