Julius Caesar

Shakespeare Unbound: Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is a historical tragedy set in ancient Rome. Julius Caesar has returned in triumph from the war against Pompey and the Roman citizens celebrate.

Cassius and Brutus, two senators and acquaintances of Caesar, discuss their fears that Caesar's ambition is to become King and turn republican Rome into a monarchy. A group of conspirators led by Cassius meet during a stormy night and agree to win Brutus over to their cause – the elimination of Caesar. Brutus agrees to the assassination plot and Caesar is murdered.

At Caesar's funeral Brutus justifies the murder to the Roman citizens and receives their support. Caesar's friend, Mark Antony, then speaks and rouses the citizens against the conspirators. Brutus and Cassius flee. Antony forms a triumvirate with Octavius Caesar and Lepidus, and they form an army and plan the deaths of the conspirators. The conspirators are defeated. Cassius orders his servant to kill him and Brutus commits suicide. Antony and Octavius acknowledge Brutus' nobility and arrange to bury him with honour.

Act 1:2 (edited) 32–176.

Act 2:1 10–34.

Julius Caesar Act 1 Scene 2
Act 1 Scene 2 In Conversation with Kate Mulvany
Julius Caesar Act 2 Scene 1
Act 2 Scene 1 In Conversation with Hazem Shammas


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