Julius Caesar

Inside the Designer's Mind (Part 1)

Before seeing a performance (or watching a filmed version), take a look at images of the set and costume, and answer the following questions. If design drawings are available, use these. But photographs of the live production or screen grabs from a film are also suitable.


  • What is your first impression of the set?
  • What elements or features of the set design stand out?
  • What mood do you think the designer is trying to create with this set?
  • How do you think a director might tell the story of Julius Caesar on this set? Choose one section of the story and write your thoughts on how you might stage it using the design.
  • Describe the textures and features of the design in model box form.
  • Think about the world of Julius Caesar. How do you think the set design might be symbolic of the play?
  • What other design elements will be added to the production in addition to the set design? How do you think these elements may be used with this set?


  • Looking at the designs, list all the elements of a costume that designers must take into account.
  • For each of the characters in the designs:
    • Describe the character making reference to social status, personality traits, personal relationships, their role in the story, and any other important aspects.
    • Analyse the costume design for each character. How do you think the character’s costume will communicate these aspects.
    • What skills do actors use to transform into a character? Describe as many as you can think of.
    • How would you expect the actors performing as the characters in the designs to embody their characters, using these skills?
  • What do you think the Director’s interpretation of the characters might be, based on the costume designs show?

After seeing a performance have a go at Inside the Designer's Mind (Part 2)