Macbeth: The Socially Distanced Rehearsal

What happens when you rehearse Macbeth during quarantine?

Our popular Players’ show Macbeth: The Rehearsal gets a revamp in this new video resource available to schools across Australia, on-demand.

In this one-hour video, one director and two actors take on the Scottish Play in rehearsal online, with illuminating and entertaining results. Play observer and participant in this immersive and interactive show, as actors and director play and replay with famous scenes and soliloquies from Macbeth. Witness the play’s trajectory blur with the actors’ own journeys, highlighting key motivations, themes, language techniques and plot devices. This is a story that celebrates theatre-making, great storytelling and the power of the imagination.

This recording is an adaptation of our popular Players' show, Macbeth: The Rehearsal.

Macbeth: The Socially Distanced Rehearsal


Written by Joanna Erskine With Jack Crumlin (Macbeth), Jane Mahady (Lady Macbeth) and James Evans (Director). Please note: Macbeth: The (Socially Distanced) Rehearsal is an education resource designed for Australian schools and may not be recorded, distributed, downloaded or copied in any way.

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