Twelfth Night

The director's seat

Post-performance activity

After students have seen Twelfth Night, they will be able to compare the written text to the play in performance. Take time to explain the role of Director in a production, and how they are responsible for guiding the actors’ performance, highlighting themes and ideas, as well as shaping the way we perceive the play.

Answer these initial questions:

  • Was there anything in the performance that you had imagined differently? (A character, a moment, a setting) How did the performance differ with your view?
  • Was there anything in the performance that was the same as how you imagined it? What was it and how was it similar to your view?

Choose a scene from the performance and answer the following:

  • Describe what happens in the scene
  • Describe the mood or tone of the scene
  • How did the actors use their bodies, voices and facial expressions to convey the mood of the scene and the character’s situation?
  • Are there any elements that have been added to the scene by the director? (Props, costume, song, etc.) For each, why do you think the decision was made to include them?
  • Imagine you are a director. How might you direct the scene differently? Explain your choices with reference to how you want to audience to react.
  • Imagine you are a designer. How might you create a design for the play? In your answer you can outline design ideas for set, costume, lighting, sound and music.