Tartuffe is not your run of the mill, garden-variety con artist; he’s a slimy hypocrite of the highest order. Your wallet, your wife, even your daughter: nothing and no one is safe from the prying eyes and wandering hands of this scammer.

By the time he’s reached middle age, Orgon is the toast of Sydney’s high society. He has a lucrative career, a plush home and a trophy wife – but he feels spiritually bankrupt. Religious guru Tartuffe appears to have the solution, and he moves into Orgon’s home to offer salvation. The trouble is, Orgon’s family don’t want to be saved by Tartuffe; they can see he is a hypocrite and a fraud. He also proves to be a wily adversary, adept at getting out of the tightest of corners. Tartuffe exploits Orgon’s blind faith, deceiving his host into betrothing him to his daughter, before making a play for his wealth and his wife. The family decide that desperate times call for desperate measures and hatch an audacious plot to expose Tartuffe. But time is running out and the arch manipulator has even more dirty tricks up his sleeve…

With Justin Fleming’s devilishly fun Australian rendering, Tartuffe, directed by Bell Shakespeare’s Co-Artistic Director Peter Evans, is filled with seduction, cynicism and deception.

As you’ll quickly discover, with Tartuffe under your roof the seven deadly sins are left for, well, dead, leading to a riotous night at the theatre for all.


By Molière
A new version by Justin Fleming
Director Peter Evans
Designer Anna Cordingley
Design Associate Kate Aubrey
Lighting Designer Paul Jackson
Composer Kelly Ryall
Movement Director Scott Witt
Assistant Director Susanna Dowling


Tartuffe Leon Ford
Orgon Sean O’Shea
Elmire Helen Dallimore
Mariane Geraldine Hakewill
Dorine Kate Mulvany
Damis Charlie Garber
Valère Tom Hobbs
Madame Pernelle Jennifer Hagan
Cléante Robert Jago
Monsieur Loyal Russell Smith
Figure In Judgement Scott Witt

SYDNEY | 26 July – 23 August
Sydney Opera Hous
e, Drama Theatre

Single Ticket Prices

All Performances (excluding Saturday 7:30pm)
Adult $75 
Senior $68
Concession* $65 
Groups of 8 or more $65
Under 30† $35

Saturdays at 7:30pm
Adult $79
Senior $75 
Concession* $72
Groups of 8 or more $72
Under 30† $48

Previews $45

Transaction fees apply.

*Concession applies to Australian Pensioners, Health Care Card holders, Full-time Students and MEAA members. Proof of concession must be provided.
†Available to people turning 30 or under in 2014. Proof of age must be provided.

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