Just Macbeth! 2010


Andy Griffiths’ Just Macbeth! is a really silly version of Shakespeare’s great big gory tragedy starring Andy, Lisa, Danny and Jen from his Just! series of books. And when we say really silly, we mean really, really silly as it’s performed by six funny but tragic actors and a garden gnome and has witches and Wizz Fizz and ghosts and girl germs and…

Following a rip-roaringly successful season in 2008, Just Macbeth! returns with many of the original cast. Loaded with gags aimed at children and adults alike, it’s an absolute treat for the whole family.

Running time: 2 hours, including one interval

Please note: This production contains some light strobe effects.

Director Wayne Harrison
Designer Pip Runciman
Lighting Designer Martin Kinnane
Sound Designer Tony David Cray

Andy/ Macbeth  Patrick Brammall
Danny/ Banquo  Justin Smith
Lisa/ Lady Macbeth  Pippa Grandison
Ducan/ Jens Friend/ Doctor  Mark Owen-Taylor
Lennox/ Nurse/ Jen’s Other Friend  John Leary
Jen/ Malcolm/ Fleance  Rhiannon Owen

What age group is Just Macbeth! suitable for?

We generally recommend Just Macbeth! for ages seven and up. Ultimately, we cannot make a decision for you but a few things to consider are:

Running time There are two acts with each half running for 50 minutes. There is one interval of 15 minutes.
Some frightening scenes There are some scenes that may be considered a little scary for younger children – the close of the first act involves Macbeth killing King Duncan. This action occurs behind a screen. There are also scenes containing witches, a bloody dagger, and a pulverising machine (into which go puppies, kittens and ponies) that have frightened some younger audiences who do not entirely comprehend that action occurring on stage is not real. We assure you that no animals were harmed in the making of this production.
Language The show refers heavily to Shakespeare’s text – the themes and language are still present in this production. As such, we do suggest that children of reading age are best placed to appreciate Just Macbeth!

What is a mashing and pulverising machine?

A mashing and pulverising machine is created according to designs specified by Andy/Macbeth and is used to attack Macduff’s castle. The exact specifications can be found in Chapter 15 of the book.

%27Ten-year-olds – and the 10-year-old in all of
us – will love it’
Sun Herald

Promo produced by Pearly Productions.

%27… a wickedly funny rehash of Shakespeare’s
most famous and bloody tragedy…’
The Sun-Herald 28.06.10

%27Truly an all-ages experience, teaching
kids by example (and reminding jaded adults)
that theatre can be a fun and a bonding
communal experience.’
The Sydney Morning Herald 29.06.10