School Broadcasts

Bell Shakespeare is thrilled to announce that we are opening up our archives for a special limited release of production recordings from our recent history, especially for schools. 

Revisit, or enjoy for the first time, our productions of Macbeth (2012), Henry 4 (2013), The Tempest (2015), Romeo and Juliet (2016), Othello (2016) and The Merchant of Venice (2017). 

With all-star casts including John Bell, Kate Mulvany, Dan Spielman, Mitchell Butel, Jessica Tovey, Brian Lipson and more, you and your students can watch these past, archived recordings from the comfort of home or school. 

All productions will be broadcast to schools across Australia, free of charge. Each production will be broadcast for one week during Term 2, and one week during Term 3. Registration is essential. Each production has an accompanying Online Learning Pack, complete with production details, play-specific information, and pre-and post-performance activities.

We would like to thank the creatives, crew and cast involved in making these shows, in giving their permission for us to share their work with you, in this way. 


Each broadcast will be available to watch via Vimeo, during a one-week period in Term 2, and a one-week period in Term 3. Registered schools will be sent a password-protected, private Vimeo link prior to the broadcast. This link may be shared with students and teachers at the registered school only. Terms and conditions apply, outlined in the registration process. 

Broadcasts are of archived recordings and are best viewed on individual devices. Video quality is not suited to large format screening.


Romeo and Juliet 
Term 2: 25 – 29 May
Term 3: 27 – 31 July

The Tempest
Term 2: 1 – 5 June
Term 3: 3 – 7 August

Term 2: 8 – 12 June
Term 3: 24 – 28 August

Term 2: 15 – 19 June
Term 3: 31 August – 4 September

The Merchant of Venice
Term 2: 22 – 26 June
Term 3: 10 – 14 August

Henry 4
Term 2: 29 June – 3 July
Term 3: 17 – 21 August

Romeo And Juliet 2016

Streaming dates: 25 – 29 May, 27 – 31 July
Due to high demand, please note that if you register for Romeo and Juliet (25-29 May) after 3pm on Thursday 21 May you will receive access instructions at 9am on Tuesday 26 May.

Suitable for Years 7 – 12
Run time: approx 2 hours 35 minutes 

Directed by Peter Evans
With: Alex Williams, Kelly Paterniti, Jacob Warner, Damien Strouthos, Tom Stokes, Angie Milliken, Michael Gupta, Justin Stewart Cotta,  Hazem Shammas, Michelle Doake and Cramer Cain

From the first intimate blush to the tragic finale, Romeo and Juliet is a story for all ages. A tale of a chance meeting, love at first sight, the passion of youth, and old family feuds spilling blood.

In a city divided by anger and from rivalling families, Romeo and Juliet come together in a dangerous union of love.

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The Tempest 2015

Streaming dates: 1 – 5 June, 3 – 7 August

Suitable for Years 7 – 12
Run time: approx 2 hours 10 minutes 

Directed by John Bell
With: Brian Lipson, Eloise Winestock, Damien Strouthos, Felix Gentle, Maeliosa Stafford, Robert Alexander, Hazem Shammas, Arky Michael and Matthew Backer

Exiled twelve years earlier, Prospero is a powerful magician, still seething with anger and a desire for revenge having been banished to his island and usurped by his brother Antonio. And now that brother has been stranded on the same island.

From such furious beginnings erupts Shakespeare’s magical journey of liberty through redemption. Gripping in its beauty and whimsy, The Tempest is a delightful tale of spirits, music and merriment, love and loss, reconciliation and forgiveness.

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Macbeth 2012

Streaming dates: 8 – 12 June, 24 – 28 August

Suitable for Years 9 – 12
Run time: approx 2 hours 25 minutes 

Directed by Peter Evans
With: Dan Spielman, Kate Mulvany, Colin Moody, Ivan Donato, Katie-Jean Harding, Gareth Reeves, Lizzie Schebesta, Hazem Shammas, Paul Reichstein, Robert Jago and Jason Chong

The Macbeths are the picture of privileged nobility – happy, successful, going places. Then Macbeth happens upon three witches who predict he will soon be King – a prophecy he initially distrusts but which he and his wife become seduced by.

This Macbeth reveals what the lure of power can do to a man, and the devastation it can wreak on a marriage and a nation.

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Othello 2016

Streaming dates: 15 – 19 June, 31 August – 4 September

Suitable for Years 10 – 12
Run time: approx 2 hours 30 minutes 

Directed by Peter Evans
With: Ray Chong Nee, Yalin Ozucelik, Elizabeth Nabben, James Lugton, Michael Wahr, Edmund Lembke-Hogan, Joanna Downing, Alice Keohavong and Huw McKinnon

A violent exploration of the thin line that separates love and jealousy, Othello is a relentless journey of vicious passion.

A warrior on the fields of war, felled by the sharpness of whispered words, Othello is a man swept up in desire, quickly turned to murderous rage when he is betrayed by his military brother-in-arms, the cynically destructive Iago.

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The Merchant of Venice 2017

Streaming dates: 22 – 26 June, 10 – 14 August

Suitable for Years 9 – 12
Run time: approx 2 hours  

Directed by Anne-Louise Sarks 
With: Jo Turner, Damien Strouthos, Anthony Taufa, Shiv Palekar, Jessica Tovey, Catherine Văn-Davies, Mitchell Butel, Jacob Warner, Felicity McKay, Eugene Gilfedder

Money makes the world go around. Portia has it. Bassanio wants it. Shylock lends it. Antonio owes the value of it.

This uncompromising production explores the tense relationship and prejudices between those that have, and those that have not. Dark in its humour and bawdy in its romantic hijinks, The Merchant of Venice takes audiences on a journey of love, mercy and justice.

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Henry 4 2013

Streaming dates: 29 June – 3 July, 17 – 21 August

Suitable for Years 9 – 12
Run time: approx 3 hours 

Directed by John Bell with Damien Ryan
With: David Whitney, Matthew Moore, John Bell, Terry Bader, Jason Klarwein, Ben Wood, Nathan Lovejoy, Yalin Ozucelik, Felix Jozeps, Sean O’Shea, Arky Michael, Tony Llewellyn-Jones, Wendy Strehlow and Matilda Ridgway

King Henry IV risked everything for the crown. But his son doesn’t seem to share the same ambition. Instead, he’d rather hang around with petty criminals and lowlife drunkards. But when the King’s former supporters stage a rebellion against him, we’re drawn into a sprawling tale of adventure, ambition and political intrigue. (NB: This production covers Henry IV Parts 1 and 2)

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