National Broadcasts

We are excited to announce that our mainstage productions of Hamlet and The Comedy of Errors will be broadcast direct from Sydney Opera House into classrooms across Australia in 2020.


Broadcast events are available to educational institutions across Australia. We recommend classes view the broadcast in groups of 40 or less.


$7.50 per student for schools with an ICSEA value of 1001 and above
$5.00 per student for schools with an ICESA value of 1000 or less

Wednesday 28 October 10am (AEDT)
Approx running time: 2 hours 40 minutes
Years 7-12

Shipwrecked and separated 25 years earlier, two sets of long-lost twins miraculously find themselves in the same city on the same day. What could possibly go wrong?

The Comedy of Errors is a hilarious romp of swapped identities, misguided love, mistaken imprisonment and chaotic mishaps, leading to an unbelievably crazy day for bumbling twins.

Limited matinee performance availability in Sydney and Melbourne, click here for more information.