Leadership In Action

Leadership In Action


Some are born great,
Some achieve greatness,
And some have greatness thrust upon them.

Twelfth Night, Act 2, Scene 5

Are you an executive looking to reinvigorate your professional leadership role? This practical, on-your-feet program incorporates techniques commonly used in the rehearsal room and stage, and applies them to the everyday workplace. Throughout the workshop you’ll learn to develop your own personal leadership style, enabling you to:

— Understand the attributes of leadership;
— Present with confidence;
— Tell a compelling story;
— Inspire your colleagues;
— Apply leadership lessons from Shakespeare to different and difficult situations.

The day begins with practical exercises which get you straight in to learning personal presentation techniques whilst playing with Shakespeare’s text and characters, before putting the learnings in to practice after lunch.

Bell Shakespeare’s Associate Director, James Evans, will provide you with tangible techniques from the actors’ toolkit, all while exploring leadership through the lens of one of the greatest writers in history – William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare’s works and working practice provide leadership insights in numerous ways.

He explores universal themes and characters that have a striking relevance to modern life. His works provide an imaginative springboard that challenge us to consider our own unique behaviours and actions.

He provided thought leadership through his words to influence an autocratic and often hostile court.

He influenced public opinion through the only mass medium of the day.

He was a savvy businessman who made a substantial living from his craft.

His characters were leaders — the words he gave them emphasised that leadership and cemented their place in history.

Current and emerging leaders who are aiming to improve their presentation and interpersonal leadership skills.

James Evans is Associate Director at Bell Shakespeare. He is a graduate of NIDA (Acting) and holds an MA (English) from the University of Sydney. He most recently directed Bell Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar which is currently touring nationally, and appeared as Buckingham in Bell Shakespeare’s production of Richard III. As a facilitator, James has conducted hundreds of Shakespeare masterclasses in schools, universities, theatres and juvenile detention centres across Australia, Asia and the US. In the corporate sector, James has established and facilitated professional development programs for Deutsche Bank, Telstra, Australian Unity and PwC.

“The most valuable and most interesting development experience I have been involved in.”
Telstra participant

“Leadership training through the lens of theatre – especially Shakespeare – was inspirational and amazingly effective. James is a maestro!”
Deutsche Bank participant

Leadership In Action

29 March 2019

Sydney Opera House

$2,200 + GST per person.

Places are limited. Book early to avoid disappointment
by contacting Elle Hrobat on elleh@bellshakespeare.com.au or (02) 8298 9019.

Five Things Shakespeare Can Teach You About Leadership