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Are The Players vaccinated against COVID-19?

Yes, The Players are fully vaccinated and can show proof of vaccination on request. Our COVID-Safe in-school protocols can be found here. Please ensure you have read and understood this document. Get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

How long is the show?

The performance is 1-hour in duration, comprising a performance of approximately 50 minutes plus 10 minutes for a post-show Q&A. If you do not have time for a Q&A, simply let The Players know on the day. Due to scheduling, it is vital that the performance begins at the time you have booked. Please ensure students are seated at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of each performance. If you foresee any issues with your scheduled start time, please contact our education team on (02) 8220 7514.

When will The Players arrive?

The Players will arrive at your school 30 minutes before the performance start time to set up, or 45 minutes prior if your show is the first of the day. Please ensure The Players will have access to the venue on arrival as they will need the full time for set up. Prior to the performance, The Players will need to run through a WHS checklist with the supervising teacher.

What happens after the show?

The Players will need 30 minutes following the performance and Q&A session to pack down all set and props, and clear the space. We ask that this is factored into booking the playing space/venue.

How much space is required?

The performance space must be a clear, flat space that is at least 6m deep x 8m wide. The performance space must be indoors. If you are unsure whether your chosen performance space will be suitable, please contact our education team on (02) 8220 7514.

Will The Players need access to lighting, power etc?

The Players will bring along everything they need for the show, and will not require access to power outlets, sound or lighting equipment.

The Players will need to know where to access:

  • The nearest toilets
  • Drinking water
  • Light switches in the venue
  • A broom to sweep the performance area if necessary

What do I need to know regarding audience etiquette?

We kindly ask that you speak with your students about audience etiquette prior to The Players’ visit, particularly if they have limited experience with live performance. We want to give your students the best show we can, and to do that we need their focus and attention for the duration of the performance. For many students, we find it helpful to remind them that unlike watching TV or film, the actors can see and hear everything they do. While we want students to engage with and react to the performance, we ask that they try to keep any comments or talking until after the show. Please note that teachers are responsible for monitoring student behaviour during the performance.

Can we take photos during The Players’ visit?

While we are happy for you to take photographs of The Players, we ask that you do so before or after the performance. Taking photographs while the performance is in progress can be very distracting for The Players, particularly when using a flash. The Players will be happy to pose for photos after the show. Filming the performance is strictly prohibited.

Media information

If you would like to invite local media to your show, please touch base with Sally Buckingham, our Marketing and Communications Manager, at least two weeks in advance on 02 8298 9063 or at

If you have any other questions you are most welcome to contact our education team on (02) 8220 7514 or at

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