Together, we can shine brighter than ever before

We should join our lights together, 
and over-shine the earth 
Henry VI Part 3 

For 30 years, Bell Shakespeare has been transforming lives with our world-class education and outreach programs and acclaimed mainstage performances, reaching Australians in every state and territory.

This year, we face unprecedented challenges.

We need Shakespeare. Now more than ever. His words are an expression of our common humanity, his stories are a beacon of generosity, his characters are us. We may be isolated, separate, but we are one. No one has articulated this more potently than Shakespeare.

Help us endure, so we can continue our crucial work now and into the future.

“We put Shakespeare’s work on a high pedestal but when you look at the stories, they are messy – life is messy. 

“The human experience is complex and that’s what Shakespeare reflects back to us.”


“Bell Shakespeare took me in at a time when I was very low. I didn’t have the words to explain the heartache I was feeling.” 

Your support will enable us to:

  • Endure through these challenging times and emerge even stronger.
  • Provide tools and support for teachers, students and families, including those in marginalised communities, to make teaching Shakespeare dynamic, accessible and fun.
  • Open young minds to the world of Shakespeare, inspiring a love of language and an appreciation of the complexity of humanity.
  • Provide life-changing opportunities for young artists through our John Bell Scholarship program.
  • Remain strong and viable into the future, ensuring we continue to share our world-class productions with communities and schools across Australia.