Promise Mudzingwa

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I'm originally from Hobart, Tasmania and I was a recipient of the John Bell Scholarship in 2019.

One of the greatest memories I have from the John Bell Scholarship week was being in the room with John Bell. Having one on one chats with him was a surreal experience. It’s John Bell – I never thought I’d meet him! And being able to watch the rehearsals of Hamlet under Peter Evan’s direction was so inspiring to someone as young as I was.

If I could speak to someone who was considering auditioning for the Scholarship, I would say, “Take the opportunity and run with it”, because that fifteen-minute audition can change your perspective on so many things. Even if you don’t get the Scholarship, you still get a chance to see what your career could possibly become.

I remember the day I got the call saying I was receiving the scholarship; I was so overwhelmed I just bawled my eyes out for so long. I'd never dreamt of something like this being possible - I mean, I hadn’t seen any black individuals in theatre at that point. Tasmania is really small! It wasn’t until I saw Zindzi Okenyo as Beatrice in Bell Shakespeare’s national tour of Much Ado About Nothing - it was that moment I felt like I had an opportunity to move further in this career like her.

The work Bell Shakespeare does – taking these shows and opportunities all over Australia – is essential. It allows you to dream outside the limits of your world.

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