Isabel Burton

After performing in The Players for Bell Shakespeare last year, I have grown a huge amount as an actor.

My first exposure to Bell Shakespeare was their 2015 production of As You Like it at Sydney Opera House. It was magical. The performances really brought Shakespeare’s text to life. That was the point where I knew I wanted to be a performer and an Actor.

In 2022 I was cast in The Players, Bell Shakespeare’s national touring ensemble who deliver in-school performances. After almost every show, especially when touring in regional towns, one or two students would come up to us afterwards to talk, and they'd be sharing with us that this is the first time that they have ever seen theatre and it has blown their mind!

One of my favourite memories of that year was touring to regional towns and auditioning senior students for the John Bell Scholarship. One time that stands out was when we went to Far North Queensland - where I spent some of my childhood growing up - I got to meet and audition an amazing student who ended up winning the John Bell Scholarship. Knowing that she got such a wonderful opportunity is really special.

After working with The Payers for a year, I have grown a huge amount as an actor. Not only did I learn a lot about Shakespeare, but I learnt about resilience and connection – especially with young people.

This year, I’m super excited to perform on the mainstage in Macbeth and Twelfth Night for the Company. I mean, performing at Sydney Opera House – a dream! And I can’t wait to share Twelfth Night with communities right across the country on the national tour.

I love Shakespeare: it's the amount of humanity that he writes with. We often think that his text is complex - which they are - but at the core of it, it’s all about how people are, how people behave in relationships, and how people behave in certain scenarios, whether its comedy or tragedy, or romance – I just love it!

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