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Please use the form below to book in to receive access to your chosen HSC Shakespeare Seminar, in partnership with the University of Sydney.

Recordings will be made available approximately two weeks after the live event, and accessible for one term's duration, including school holidays. Simply select whether you'd like to access the recording in Term 3 or Term 4. Booking schools will be sent a password-protected Vimeo link to access the recording. Price is per student, with a discounted price for schools with an ICSEA value of 1000 or less.

$10 + GST per student.
$7.50 + GST per student for schools with an ICSEA value of 1000 or less. Check your school's ICSEA value via MySchools.
Fee capped at $500 + GST per seminar for schools with 50 students or more, requiring access.

Term 4 2023 access: 9 October – 15 December 2023

Term 1 2024 access: 29 January – 12 April 2024
Term 2 2024 access: 29 April – 5 July 2024
Term 3 2024 access: 22 July – 27 September 2024
Term 4 2024 access: 14 October – 20 December 2024

Please note, HSC Shakespeare Seminars may not be recorded or downloaded, or shared beyond the booking school.

Please read the terms and conditions before submitting your booking.

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I would like to access the discounted price for schools with an ICSEA value of 1000 or less. You can look up your ICSEA value via MySchools (link at top of form).

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