Hearts In A Row

In 2005 we created Hearts In A Row to provide people from socio-economically challenged schools and charitable groups with the opportunity to be transported to another world, through Shakespeare’s timeless words. You can help us to provide that unique experience.

Every Hearts In A Row recipient attends a Bell Shakespeare theatre production in one of the country’s most iconic performing arts venues, including Sydney Opera House, Canberra Theatre Centre, and Arts Centre Melbourne. They also receive a complimentary program and soft drink voucher. But perhaps the most vital component is that every attendee can take part in a pre-show talk with a Teaching Artist, designed to make sure they walk away at the end of the performance enriched, enthused and enlivened by the experience.

Gifts of $10,000 or more ensure that a row of up to 30 seats is made available to a eligible schools or community group and enables you to nominate your recipient group, and share in their experience too, if you so wish. 

For more information please contact Debra Reinecke, Head of Development, on 02 8298 9082.