Celebrating 5 years with Teachers Mutual Bank

2021 marks five years of partnership with Teachers Mutual Bank Limited whose generous support makes the Regional Teacher Mentorship possible. Each year thirty teachers from regional areas across Australia visit Sydney to train with Bell Shakespeare and receive a year of mentorship on innovative ways to teach Shakespeare. Hear from past participants and discover for the Regional Teacher Mentorship has made a lasting impact on their community.

Marcia Bell

Marcia Bell is Secondary Mathematics Teacher and Wellbeing Coordinator at Bowraville Central School on the mid-north coast of NSW. Marcia was a Regional Teacher Mentorship recipient in 2021 and shares how she uses what she learned from the mentorship to teach her students build their confidence and believe in themselves.

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Joan Fraser

Joan Fraser, Head Teacher of Secondary Studies at Binnaway Central School completed the Regional Teacher Mentorship in 2016. Joan's passion for regional teaching, her lifelong love of Shakespeare, and the support of the Mentorship has combined into innovative lessons in the classroom, embodying the language through movement and expression.

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Melanie Grant

Melanie is the English Co-ordinator at Murrayville Community College, three hours east of Adelaide on the Victorian side of the border. After completing the Mentorship in 2016, Melanie brought what she'd learned back to the classroom, encouraging her students to have a positive mindset and have a go with whatever they’re faced with.

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Emma Grant

Emma Grant is Principal of Koorda Primary School, located three hours north-east of Perth. Since completing the Mentorship in 2018, Emma has seen firsthand how much her students now respond to learning Shakespeare and the impact these kids will have on her community in the future.

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