The Winter’s Tale


As a young prince, Mamillius is a boy who should want for nothing. But the dark shadow of his erratic father, King Leontes, looms large over the royal household. Mamillius watches in horror as his father wrongly accuses his pregnant mother, Hermione, of adultery with a family friend, before imprisoning her. Then, when Mamillius’ sister is born, Leontes mistakenly believes the baby is not his own, and orders her to be abandoned in the wild. Distraught by the family trauma, Mamillius and Hermione both die of heartbreak. Too late, Leontes realises his folly and vows to mourn for the rest of his life.

But nothing is quite what it seems. The power of Mamillius’ imagination proves stronger even than death, and his spirit whisks us away to another place and another time. There, Mamillius orchestrates events to repair the damage that has been done. Along the way there will be songs, laughter, love and perhaps even redemption for the broken King Leontes.

The Winter’s Tale was written during the most wildly experimental phase of the Bard’s career. Bell Shakespeare’s production will throw new light on every layer, from heartaches to belly laughs. And it will pose the question: in the wake of unspeakable suffering, can anyone truly live happily ever after?

By William Shakespeare
Director John Bell
Designer Stephen Curtis
Lighting Designer Matthew Marshall
Composer & Musical Director Alan John
Sound Designer Nate Edmondson
Dramaturg John Kachoyan
Assistant Director Janice Muller

Liana Cornell
Michelle Doake
Philip Dodd
Felix Jozeps
Dorian Nkono
Otis Pavlovic
Myles Pollard
Rory Potter
Terry Serio
Justin Smith
Helen Thomson

SYDNEY | 1–29 March
Sydney Opera Hous
e, Playhouse

This performance will run for approximately 3 hours, including a 20-minute interval.

Single Ticket Prices

All Performances (excluding Saturday 7:30pm)
Adult $75
Senior $68
Concession* $65
Groups of 8 or more $65
Under 30† $35

Saturdays at 7:30pm
Adult $79
Senior $75
Concession* $72
Groups of 8 or more $72
Under 30† $48

Previews $45

Transaction fees apply.

*Concession applies to Australian Pensioners, Health Care Card holders, Full-time Students and MEAA members. Proof of concession must be provided.
†Available to people turning 30 or under in 2014. Proof of age must be provided.

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