Inside the glamorous court of Denmark in the 1960s, a family is torn apart by murder and betrayal. Outside, a country is threatened by Norway. And at the centre of this struggle is a man brimming with anguish.

Hamlet is a portrait of a young man struggling with the death of his father, his mother’s hasty remarriage to his uncle, and the vision of his father’s ghost looming in his mind’s eye. A story of revenge, passion and deception, this is a Hamlet for our time.

Bell Shakespeare opens its 30th year anniversary celebrations with one of Shakespeare’s most iconic and tragic works, directed by Artistic Director Peter Evans.

Featuring Harriet Gordon-Anderson (The Miser) as a young man experiencing grief in its most complex and profound state, this Hamlet will be told through the lens of loss, betrayal and madness.

This is the world of politics, where human desire for retribution quickly becomes a burden to struggle against. Set against a classically timeless backdrop where family cannot be trusted, friendships turn adversarial and the ghost of his father pushes Hamlet’s entire world to its brink.

Ordered to kill. Tempted to resist. Live or die.

Duration: 2 hours and 50 minutes, including a 20 minute interval

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The play is set in Elsinore, Denmark, at the royal court of the newly crowned King Claudius. Prince Hamlet is deeply depressed by the sudden death of the previous monarch, his father, old Hamlet, and the hasty remarriage of his mother, Queen Gertrude, to his uncle Claudius.

When the ghost of his father appears to Hamlet informing him that he was murdered by Claudius, and calling upon him to avenge his death, Hamlet is locked into a dangerous mission he would rather not have been given. Instead of following his duty to the father he loved and killing the murderer promptly, he is paralysed by inaction.

He intellectualises the task and seeks further proof of his uncle’s guilt to the point where he is himself exposed to the murderer, and has virtually signed his own death warrant.

Disgusted by the relationship between his mother and uncle, and allowing his suspicion of his mother’s infidelity to taint his attitude towards women, Hamlet abandons his girlfriend, Ophelia, who later loses her mind and drowns. He accidentally kills her father, the courtier Polonius, mistaking him for Claudius who, frightened of Hamlet’s madness and fearing his own safety, persuades Polonius’ son, Laertes, to kill Hamlet.

Finally, a duel between Hamlet and Laertes ends in the deaths of Claudius, Gertrude, Laertes and Hamlet himself, and rule of the kingdom of Denmark passes to Norway.

Creative Team

Peter Evans


Anna Tregloan


Ben Cisterne

Lighting Designer

Max Lyandvert

Composer & Sound Designer

Laura Turner

Video Designer

Nigel Poulton

Movement & Fight Director

Jess Chambers

Voice & Text Coach

James Evans


Abbie-Lee Lewis

Assistant Director


Harriet Gordon-Anderson


Jeremi Campese


Tony Cogin


Jack Crumlin


James Evans


James Lugton


Jane Mahady


Lisa McCune


Robert Menzies


Aanisa Vylet

Player Queen

Sophie Wilde


Hear from our Director, Peter Evans about what’s in store for our 2020 production of Hamlet.

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Sydney Opera House (NSW)
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Arts Centre Melbourne (VIC)
Wednesday 29 April 2020, 11am
Thursday 7 May 2020, 11am

If you can’t make it to an in-theatre matinee we are also broadcasting the production into educational institutions on Wednesday 18 March 2020 at 10am AEST. Visit our Broadcast page to learn more and book.

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