Current Projects

Current Projects

September 2015

Lessons in feminism from the bard

Earlier this year The Weir Anderson Foundation joined us in our mission to make the work of Shakespeare accessible to even more young Australians. With their support we delivered our Artist In Residence programme into three Western Sydney girls schools in Birrong, Blacktown and Auburn, with the aim to build self-esteem in young women while improving literacy and appreciation for the work of Shakespeare.

Over a period of 10 weeks, five of our Arts Educators delivered classes that focused on unravelling Shakespeare’s strong female characters while analysing their correlation to the lives of young women today. The results were transformative:

“It’s interesting having a group of young women by themselves. I found it gave them a space to talk about what it was to be a young woman. Which then took us to talking about Shakespeare’s women, and this man who so many years ago wrote incredibly powerful women, cared enough about women, was interested in women” – Mel Dodge

This incredible programme was featured as a cover story in Sydney Morning Herald’s Spectrum Magazine

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Kings of Baxter

Since 2010, with the support of the Bill & Patricia Ritchie Foundation, we have run an annual series of workshops at two NSW Juvenile Justice Centres, aimed at helping young detainees build self-confidence and find their voice. Over the past five years more than 70 young men and women aged 13–21 have completed the workshop programme.

This year, production company Grumpy Sailor is documenting our educators and 15 young men at Frank Baxter Juvenile Justice Centre as they rehearse and workshop Macbeth, with the goal to stage and perform an abridged version of the play for other detainees, friends and family at the end of their 12-week workshop.

Click below to view the trailer:

These articles written by Joyce Morgan for The Australian and Liam Pieper for Fairfax, tells their story.

Current Projects