By providing for Bell Shakespeare in your Will, you will not only personally commemorate the inspiration and enjoyment that John Bell and the Company have provided over the years, but you will also create enduring benefits for Bell Shakespeare.

Your gift will be a deeply significant and personal expression of support for John Bell, for the critical value of language and communication skills that he, his actors and arts educators have brought to students, and for the magic and motivation the Company’s work continues to bring to Australians of all ages and backgrounds. Your gift will help to ensure that future generations are introduced to a vital resource that is their entitlement, especially important for young people who, by accident of birth, fail to enjoy the same advantages as some of their peers.

‘It is no exaggeration to say that Bell Shakespeare changes lives. It’s unique in its reach and ambition – with its extensive touring programme it’s making a priceless gift to thousands around the country.’

Our management plan is to build our capital reserves to secure Bell Shakespeare’s future. Your bequest will assist the realisation of that plan and will be acknowledged in perpetuity.

We set out below a simple form of bequest. This is not, however, offered as legal advice, which should always be obtained from your own lawyer.

“I give and bequeath the sum of $          to the public fund of the Bell Shakespeare Company Limited to be used for the principal purposes of the Company. The receipt of an authorised officer of the Company for the time being will be a full discharge to my trustees for the legacy and my trustees shall not be obliged to see to its application.”

A legacy can be added to an existing will, in appropriate circumstances, by means of a codicil but, again, legal advice should be obtained from your lawyer to ensure your intentions are effectively realised.

It is our understanding that testamentary gifts are not deductible for income tax purposes.

The form of bequest suggested above provides for the gift to be applied for the principal purposes of The Bell Shakespeare Company Limited and would allow the Company’s Board freedom to use it in the best interests of the Company at the relevant time. That is our preferred option because of the flexibility in application it permits. If, however, you wish to have your gift applied to a particular purpose of your choosing we invite you to consult with us to ensure your intended objective can be achieved.

You may speak with us in confidence about the options and opportunities available to you relating to a bequest or any other gift to the Company by calling our Debra Reinecke, Head of Development, on 02 8298 9082 or

All gifts in support of Bell Shakespeare are received by the Company’s public fund, The Bell Shakespeare Company Fund.

The Bell Shakespeare Company Limited protects the personal information provided to it by individuals in accordance with the Privacy Act.