Kate Mulvany OAM

Actor, Writer, Dramaturg

Bell Shakespeare took me in at a time when I was very low. I didn’t have the words to explain the heartache I was feeling. I was given access to those words through Cassius, this tormented little creature I could vent through. But more than that, I found a family.

When I first performed Cassius, I was terrified because I had very little experience with Shakespeare. But all the answers are in the text the moment you speak it. We all come together with a piece of the jigsaw and put the puzzle together. And the audience does that with us. That’s the shared experience of Shakespeare. He invites everyone in.

I love seeing the journey of the young artist from page to stage. To see kids who came from places like my hometown, Geraldton, meeting Shakespeare for the very first time, falling in love with his words and ideas.

Those young people from all over Australia who come into Bell Shakespeare, some of those same students will be performing on stage one day. It’s one of the greatest gifts to a young artist and Bell Shakespeare has plenty of those gifts to give.

We need Shakespeare. Now more than ever. His words are an expression of our common humanity, his stories are a beacon of generosity, his characters are us. Help us continue our crucial work. If you can, please donate now – together, we can shine brighter than ever before.