Everyone, everywhere campaign

‘How far that little candle throws his beams’
William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Like the candle in The Merchant of Venice, we throw our beams far and wide,  ensuring Shakespeare’s work illuminates minds and warms hearts in theatres, schools and community venues across the country.

Each year we tour to 28 theatres and 450 schools, reaching every state and territory. Close to 3 million Australians have seen a Bell Shakespeare production.

With your help, we can shine our light brighter than ever before. Your support will enable us to:

  • Tour our world class productions to regional communities and schools Australia-wide.
  • Support students in geographically isolated or socio-economically challenged schools to experience the power of live performance.
  • Provide once-in-a-lifetime career opportunities for young and emerging artists.
  • Give teachers the tools and support to make teaching Shakespeare dynamic, accessible, and fun.


$100 gives one regional student the opportunity to participate in a John Bell Scholarship audition masterclass.
$250 buys enough petrol to take The Players in-school performances from Sydney to Whyalla.
$500 engages a Movement Director or a Voice Coach for a workshop during one of our mentorship programs.
$1,500 engages a classroom of students through a tailored workshop.
$3,000 makes it possible to send The Players to a school that wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity.
$6,000 supports two regional or remote teachers’ attendance at our acclaimed Regional Teacher Mentorship program.
$10,000 provides a class or community group an opportunity to experience live theatre through our Hearts in a Row program.
$15,000 allows The Players to spend a week performing in a remote or regional community.
$25,000 enables us to deliver a 6-week residency in a Juvenile Justice Centre.

Learn more about our education programs in our Impact Report.

Or, if you are moved to share your own story, we would love to hear from you. Email us at together@bellshakespeare.com.au.