#TrueRomansAll, based on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, reimagines the audience as ‘players’. For Loyalist players that means protecting Caesar and hunting down the would-be assassins, but for Conspirator players it means killing Caesar and securing power for themselves. Loyalists are led by Marc Anthony and Conspirators by Cassius and Brutus.

Each player is equipped with their wits and their phone – complete with the downloaded Game App. As well as giving them their secret identity, this will give them hints, tips and tricks to make their way to the various sites, screens and secrets.

The players start together at a pre-appointed location, and they must locate the motorcade, piecing together clues and information as they go.  If the assassination is successful, then it’s a race to join Cassius and Brutus as they take power – The Coup.  If unsuccessful, then it’s a race as Conspirators try to flee from the Loyalists and Marc Antony – The Pogrom.

Public test performances of this interactive work in development will take place in Melbourne in late 2014.


Pop Up Playground is a Melbourne based company who make immersive reactive situations. They do this in a variety of ways including constructed social situations, collective storytelling and competitive and goal driven play.


Robert is a playwright, academic and artistic director of Pop Up Playground. His plays, The Joy of Text and On the Production of Monsters, were produced by Melbourne Theatre Company and his play, Eating Alone, was shortlisted for the 2013 Griffin Award.

He was Artistic Director of Theatre in Decay and he also published ‘Making the Improbable Inevitable; A history of the Malthouse Theatre Company’ in the Australian Drama Studies Journal, and The Theatre of Rehearsing for Life on the emergence of New Games as performance in Real Time. He is the Artistic Director of Pop Up Playground.


Beatrix runs ScreenHerd (@screenherd), a consultancy that provides social media and online audience engagement support to screen based projects. She has worked for organisations including the London Film Festival, the Edinburgh Film Festival, Film Victoria, Eyeworks Film & Drama, The Peters, Fraser and Dunlop Group and the 37°South Market at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Before moving to Melbourne, she produced theatre for Auckland-based company Fingerprints & Teeth Productions, including Loser (2007) and LUV (2007).


Sayraphim is an award winning artist who has worked in film, TV and theatre, in museums and galleries, in schools and at festivals, creating magical worlds and experiences for people of all ages. Her street work attempts to inject tiny, unexpected and magical moments in the lives of those who discover it.

Sayraphim’s work is held in MOMA in New York, the archives of the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Monash Heart Art collection, as well as in private collections and on the streets in cities around the world. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in photography, a Graduate Diploma in Primary Teaching from La Trobe University and has just completed her Masters in Art in a Public Space at RMIT in Melbourne.


Ben has been writing and performing in Melbourne for more than fifteen years. He created and hosts the Dungeons & Dragons inspired improvised comedy show Dungeon Crawl, has led comedy tours after dark in Melbourne Museum, co-hosted the hit Doctor Who podcast Splendid Chaps, and designs and runs games with Pop Up Playground.

His work has appeared in the Melbourne Fringe, Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, most recently his new one-man show, Ben McKenzie is Uncool, and he also works as a voice-over artist, presenter and actor. His favourite dinosaur is Stegosaurus.


Jess is a Melbourne-based artist, writer and game designer. As the Pervasive Play Developer for Pop Up Playground she spends a lot of time thinking about the boundaries between make-believe and real, and scheming ways to bend, blur and break those boundaries – having survived for more than a decade as a journalist, she feels very comfortable in this role! She sits on the board of directors for the Freeplay Independent Games Festival, and is currently pursuing a practice-based PhD at RMIT exploring ambiguity and play.



In Development late 2014.


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