Sleep With Me

Sleep With Me

A young married woman sleepwalks to another man’s bed…

Anna and Gable are happily married.  The passion may have faded but their love is sound.

Then, after a late-night dinner party, Gable’s star-student, Jonah, a handsome young Islander is invited to stay.

That night Anna visits his room and spends the night.

The following morning she remembers nothing, swears nothing happened.

So why do the night-time visits continue?

Set over the course of a hot Sydney summer against the backdrop of a city desperate to rid its gardens of a plague of bats, Sleep With Me follows three characters grappling with each other and their own doubts as they struggle to trust one another, to learn the truth of Anna’s condition and sleep easy once again.

In addition to themes of Love, Sleep and Infidelity the play will also explore freewill and determinism; volition and coercion; moral culpability; as well as conscious vs unconscious desire.  Just as Thebes by day and the forest by night are two different worlds in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, equally contrasting are Anna’s conscious and unconscious desires, leading her husband to dread the night and her young lover to urge the setting of the sun.  But how much control does Anna really have?  Is she really held sway by the currents of Night and Day and if so is it possible to stop?  Is Anna perpetrator or victim? Sleep With Me offers an honest and compelling look at modern relationships and asks the questions, ‘How much do we ever really know ourselves?’ and ‘How much do you really trust your partner?’


Caleb studied playwriting at Flinders University, later being mentored by Nick Enright.

In 2004 Songs for the Deaf opened at the Adelaide Fringe and Lewis began a two-year residency with Griffin Theatre Company culminating in the 2005 premiere of Nailed. The Sea Bride won the 2006 Inscription Emerging Playwright Award, earning a two-week workshop with playwright Edward Albee. In 2007 Dogfall opened in Adelaide to critical acclaim. In 2008 Songs for the Deaf toured to Hong Kong; later that year Caleb was awarded an AWGIE for Otzi the story of the Iceman.   His play Men, Love and the Monkeyboy was shortlisted for the Griffin Award and is the winner of the 2008 Mitch Matthews Award. In 2009 Death in Bowengabbie was nominated best production at the Adelaide Fringe and won the judge’s commendation for best new writing. The play opened in Sydney last March, and in November a second production was mounted by Merrigong Theatre Company in Wollongong.

Current projects include a steampunk/Chekhov mashup for DropBear Theatre Co and commissions for Onward Productions and State Theatre Company South Australia. This year Ghost Sharks (awarded a 2010 Moosehead award) tours to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and TRS will present Betsy at Sydney’s Old Fitzroy Hotel. Caleb was recently announced the inaugural winner of the Richard Burton Award for his historical play Clinchfield.

Sleep With Me

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