Community Projects.


Bell Shakespeare community programmes involve people of all ages whether in inner city suburbs or remote locations across Australia. We invite community groups to enjoy our theatre productions, giving them an opportunity normally denied them. We deliver interactive drama-based activities and performances to communities in regional and remote areas in their local venue, be it a bowling club, a school, a community hall or a fully operational theatre.

Involving the whole community can be specially rewarding in locations where children and adults do not enjoy access to live theatre, where literacy levels vary widely and where English is not the primary language.

Continuing the success of the 2010 pilot, in 2013 we were delighted to pick up where we left off and reintroduced our Juvenile Justice Programme. Working with young offenders at two centres – Juniperina in Lidcome for girls, and Frank Baxter in Kariong for boys – our arts educators spent six weeks teaching performance, language, and vital life skills to these troubled young people. This article written by Joyce Morgan for The Australian, tells their story.