Shakespeare’s Word Play

By Huw McKinnon ADOPT A WORD HERE Depending on who you believe, the English language owes a debt of gratitude to Shakespeare for the invention of anywhere between 400 and 2500 words and phrases that we still use today. It makes sense. Shakespeare was changing the way humans tell stories. Some people even believe he…Continue reading

Supporter Spotlight – Holly And Alana

Alana and Holly Mitchell are sisters and avid supporters of Bell Shakespeare, having attended productions for over 20 years. We spoke to them both about why they love what Bell Shakespeare does both on and off the mainstage 1.  Can you tell us a bit about yourselves? “Sisters forever. Holly is a horticulturist. Alana is…Continue reading

Supporter Spotlight: Sam Sheppard

Sam Sheppard is a member of our Artistic Director’s Circle and has been supporting Bell Shakespeare in a variety of ways for many years. We chatted to Sam about her passion for theatre and her journey so far with the Company. 1. What was your first experience with Bell Shakespeare? My passion for the theatre…Continue reading