Ophelia’s Flowers

Flattery & Faithfulness quarantini cocktail  Inspired by Ophelia’s meaningful floral gifts to the Danish court in Hamlet, this drink is lifted by the bouquet of the botanical fruits of your garden (or kitchen window herb garden). While Ophelia mentions fennel (for flattery), rosemary (for remembrance), and violets (for faithfulness and fidelity) among others, any herb will lift this…Continue reading

8 tips to engage students with Shakespeare

Teachers often need to encourage people to step outside their comfort zone. Whether it’s peers, students or parents, there are several techniques that can help achieve this. By Andy McLean Every teacher faces the challenge of getting their students to engage with new things. Young people can respond in a variety of ways, from apathy…Continue reading

To be or not to be calm? That is the question for investors

Instead of acting impulsively like Hamlet does, investors should remain calm in the face of uncertainty. La Trobe Financial shares three principles to guide investors towards prosperity, not tragedy. By Andy McLean Like many of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, Hamlet provides cautionary tales that still resonate strongly in contemporary society. We can learn a lot from…Continue reading