8 tips to engage students with Shakespeare

Teachers often need to encourage people to step outside their comfort zone. Whether it’s peers, students or parents, there are several techniques that can help achieve this. By Andy McLean Every teacher faces the challenge of getting their students to engage with new things. Young people can respond in a variety of ways, from apathy…Continue reading

Shakespeare’s Word Play

By Huw McKinnon ADOPT A WORD HERE Depending on who you believe, the English language owes a debt of gratitude to Shakespeare for the invention of anywhere between 400 and 2500 words and phrases that we still use today. It makes sense. Shakespeare was changing the way humans tell stories. Some people even believe he…Continue reading

John Bell Scholarship Audition Tips & Tricks 

Applications for the 2019 John Bell Scholarship are now officially open! We can’t wait to witness some incredible talent over the coming months as we audition students throughout Australia for this once in a lifetime opportunity. However, we know that auditions can sometimes feel daunting. To make sure you’re as prepared as possible, we sat down with our Resident…Continue reading

My Life as a Teaching Artist

By Huw McKinnon As a Teaching Artist for Bell Shakespeare the most important – and happily the most fulfilling – part of my job is continuing the tradition that was built into the very foundations of the company by John Bell of making sure that we give students all over Australia access to the very best experiences…Continue reading

Even for an Eggshell – a day with The Players

By Alex Chalwell It’s 6:30am and there’s egg in my kettle. Not whole and perfectly boiled as my tour mate promised but cracked and leaking through the shell, globs of white rolling through the water, riding the bubbles. It’ll have to do – the hotel stove isn’t working. I empty it all out and scrub…Continue reading