Practice good cyber hygiene

This article was written and provided by Teachers Mutual Bank Did you know that Australians lost over $634 million to scams in 2019? Scammers are adapting and using digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat as forums for scams including fake online stores and the sale of fake tickets to events. Unfortunately scammers are…Continue reading

Were I Human: Lachlan

Dear Peter, does darkness or light inspire/drive you? Lachlan Dear Lachlan This is a fascinating question and I wonder if our fellow humans could consider it in their own lives. I particularly like the inspire/drive. They are synonyms but have different connotations. I could spend some time unpicking which productions and projects I have been…Continue reading

Were I Human: Mario

Dear Humans Thank you for your questions. I have been struck by them and often spun into very interesting contemplation by these provocations. I look forward to sharing these with you  over the coming months. I decided to start with this question from Mario which I think could begin a sort of book club for…Continue reading

Supporter Spotlight: You

We were deeply saddened to cancel our 2020 seasons of Hamlet and The Comedy of Errors due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, the kindness of our audience and supporters, many of whom donated the cost of their tickets back to the company, has been quite overwhelming. This month, we’d like to shine a spotlight on you…Continue reading

Were I Human

I like instances. I like moments. When I think of Shakespeare I often think of small bits. This is how it was taught to me and how I fell in love with it. When Macbeth meets the witches, he has a physical reaction. How do we know? Because Banquo says to him: …why do you…Continue reading

Ophelia’s Flowers

Flattery & Faithfulness quarantini cocktail  Inspired by Ophelia’s meaningful floral gifts to the Danish court in Hamlet, this drink is lifted by the bouquet of the botanical fruits of your garden (or kitchen window herb garden). While Ophelia mentions fennel (for flattery), rosemary (for remembrance), and violets (for faithfulness and fidelity) among others, any herb will lift this…Continue reading

8 tips to engage students with Shakespeare

Teachers often need to encourage people to step outside their comfort zone. Whether it’s peers, students or parents, there are several techniques that can help achieve this. By Andy McLean Every teacher faces the challenge of getting their students to engage with new things. Young people can respond in a variety of ways, from apathy…Continue reading

Where you can stream Shakespeare

Just because you can’t enjoy a Shakespeare performance in the theatre doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy his works elsewhere. We’ve gathered a handy list of Shakespeare film adaptions and Shakespeare-inspired movies that you can stream and enjoy from the comfort of your own home. AMAZON PRIME A Midsummer Night’s Dream Dir. Michael Hoffman 1991 Lovers’…Continue reading

To be or not to be calm? That is the question for investors

Instead of acting impulsively like Hamlet does, investors should remain calm in the face of uncertainty. La Trobe Financial shares three principles to guide investors towards prosperity, not tragedy. By Andy McLean Like many of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, Hamlet provides cautionary tales that still resonate strongly in contemporary society. We can learn a lot from…Continue reading

Five Things Shakespeare Can Teach You About Leadership

To help you warm up for our next Leadership in Action workshop, here’s five timeless lessons today’s business leaders can learn from Shakespeare, by Andy McLean. 1. BRING YOUR PEOPLE WITH YOU Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is a military and political leader who has begun to believe his own publicity. He claims he is ‘constant as the…Continue reading