“…the spring, the summer,
the childing autumn, angry winter, change
their wonted liveries, and the mazed world,
by their increase, now knows not which is which”
A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare’s legacy to successive generations is his firm faith in human potential. His writing challenges us to reach beyond our grasp and gives us the wherewithal to imagine our future. If we can learn anything from Shakespeare and the great writers of our past, it is that we hold within ourselves the power to make choices about who we want to be.

At Bell Shakespeare, this includes choosing sustainable work practices across all aspects of the Company’s operations. A national company constantly on the move, we are committed to assessing and reducing our carbon footprint with a firm vision for the future.

At our headquarters in The Rocks, and with our proprietor Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, we will work in concert with their sustainability department to ensure best possible practices are implemented in our offices and rehearsal/production premises. This includes energy reduction, responsible waste management and the use of green products within the office.

Our aims are:
• To assess and calculate our annual carbon footprint and reduce that
• To review our ways of communicating with our patrons and increase
our electronic capacity including invitations, letters and newsletters
• To use paper stock that is at least 50% recycled
• To recycle and reuse existing sets, costumes and props where
• To create environmentally responsible theatre productions
• To encourage and implement Company-wide behavioural change